Pāpāmoa Cricket Club logo origins


As we embark on our sixth year as Pāpāmoa Cricket Club Inc, a valuable opportunity presents itself to revamp our logo and brand, aligning them more effectively with our club's identity, location, and purpose.

Back in 2017, when the club was established, we commissioned a logo design through an online service called Fiverr. While we made slight modifications to the logo's colors at the time, it remains a generic vector file that can be replicated by anyone.


Moving forward, it is crucial to spell "Pāpāmoa" correctly to ensure it's accurate. Including our establishment year adds a touch of historical significance to our club. Although our inaugural year of play was in 2018, it's important to note that our official establishment took place in 2017.


Motiti Island and the captivating golden sands of Pāpāmoa Beach symbolize the profound connection between our land and the sea. A unique feature of our coastline is the multiple waka landing in the area. Between 900-1000 years ago, Te Arawa waka arrived at Maketu. The high priest Ngatoroirangi is buried on Mōtītī Island. Takitimu waka arrived and the captain Tamatea Arikinui and his family disembarked and built their pa on Mangatawa. Tainui waka entered the Tauranga harbour under its captain Hoturoa but then journeyed south. Mataatua waka arrived at Whakatane and some descendants of its crew migrated into Tauranga under Rangihouhiri and Tamapahore. The descendants of those waka still live here today.


Located in the bottom right corner, we find the majestic Pāpāmoa Hills, an iconic landmark for our community. These hills have long served as a source of protection and refuge for numerous hapū (families) residing in this area. Acting as a steadfast guardian, the Pāpāmoa Hills have witnessed the construction of marae and pā sites on elevated grounds throughout history, emphasizing their historical significance. As the sun gracefully sets behind these hills, it casts a warm orange hue, representing our club's colors. The vibrant green shade symbolizes Alice Johnson Oval and Gordon Spratt Reserve, further connecting our logo to these our local spaces.

With the 'beach' and the 'hills' in close proximity, it creates a space where AJO and GSR are embraced between them. This arrangement evokes a sense of grounding and rootedness. Both images, vividly reflecting the essence of Pāpāmoa, portraying the area through carefully selected colors. As the sun rises over the sea and sets behind the hills, an array of captivating hues emerges naturally, encapsulating the spirit of the region. Each color incorporated in the logo should evoke a connection to our pristine Pāpāmoa landscape. For instance, the golden sand depicted in the Motiti image and the lush green fields beneath the watchful gaze of the Pāpāmoa Hills.


Cricket wickets and the ball are inherently understandable. They are the very reasons that have united this group, serving as the core purpose behind our presence. The yellow below represents the pitch, and links back to the sandy beaches of Pāpāmoa


The shield establishes a connection between the images, presenting them as a harmonious entity that relies on one another. They form a symbiotic organism, with each component interlinking the other.