Dads vs Lads Annual Cricket Match

Dads vs Lads

Papamoa Cricket Club Inaugural “Dads vs Lads” Cricket Match

Howdy Cricket Fans!

In what was to be an epic showdown of the highest Cricketing quality, the first annual “Dads vs Lads” cricket match was held under the sizzling heat of the Papamoa sun on Wed 27th December 2023.

With the game needing to be hardball cricket, each Dad had to have a Lad playing in Div 7 or 8, turning the day into a family reunion hotter than a beach BBQ.

The rulebook decided to take a siesta, much like a South African Captain passing the time at a boring Captains hui. Club Colours were a must, leaving some Dads scrounging for shirts on a quest for the ultimate SPF protection.

The boys were supported by families on the sidelines, ready to offer support or perhaps contemplate the life choices that led them away from the cool embrace of the beach.

The artificial wicket promised more bounce than an overheated beachball and the boundary was brought in to allow a good total and keep running around to a minimum.


The Rules:

  • Game play based on Div 8 rules (in the interests of a good time for all)
  • Each batting partnership has 5 Overs to score as many runs as possible
  • All Cricket shots are possible.
  • Dads score as normal
  • Dads must bowl from a 2 step run up.
  • If a Dad is out the Team loses 5 Runs
  • Lads score double the normal runs for everything
  • Lads Bowl as normal
  • If a Lad is out the team loses 2 runs


The Teams:


  • Brendan McCarthy
  • Mark Divehall
  • Marc James
  • Russell Condor
  • Tony Broadhead
  • David Babbage
  • Tony Haig
  • Dave Taylor
  • Michael Condor (Fill in Dad)
  • Daniel Clark (Visiting International Pro Dad)



  • Lincoln McCarthy
  • Brody Divehall
  • Wyatt James
  • Matthew Condor
  • Alex Broadhead
  • Ryan Babbage
  • Lucca Allen-Haig
  • Marley Taylor
  • Ben Goninon (Fill in Lad)
  • Lewis Clark (Visiting International Pro Lad)



The Dads won the toss and elected to Bowl.


Lads Scorecard:

  • Brody 28
  • Wyatt 26
  • Lincoln 28
  • Lewis 22
  • Ben 22
  • Ryan 24
  • Alex 12
  • Matthew 34
  • Marley 38
  • Lucca 16
  • Total 250 for 15


Dads Scorecard:

Brendan 24

Daniel 29

Dave Taylor 19

Tony Haig 5

Michael 34

David Babbage 33

Russel -4

Tony Broadhead 13

Marc -7

Mark 43

Total 189 for 13


Golden Dismissals: (Dad dismissed by his own Lad requiring mandatory publication)

  • Russel Condor: Bowled by Matthew Condor
  • Mark Divehall: Bowled (first ball) by Brody Divehall


All other dismissals of Dads have been selectively forgotten to protect the innocent. But it can be noted that a fine display of lightening fast bowling and great catching was on display from the lads with several Dads left wanting. The future of senior cricket is in good hands. 

In the end, the Lads emerged victorious, their double runs making the Dads' scoreboard look sadder than a melted ice cream cone. It was a day of laughs, camaraderie, and cricketing mishaps that left everyone dreaming of a cooler spot – maybe next time they'll opt for the beach.

Until next year…