Alice Johnson Oval and Gordon Spratt Reserve

The Alice Johnson Oval, the home of PCC comprised of a grass wicket block with 5 strips with an artificial wicket neighboring the block, a couch outfield and bund surrounded boundary. This all provides a unique cricket field that has little impact from other codes across the year. In addition, PCC invested significantly in the expansion of training nets during the 2019/20 season to provide one of the best training facilities available. These nets are available to the public and are constantly used by our community outside of scheduled training hours. Future planning in partnership with Tauranga City Council has begun for the construction of a shared pavilion that services Alice Johnson Oval with funding set aside in 2022/23.

The Alice Johnson Oval was informally gifted to the Tauranga City Council for ‘passive’ recreation purposes in 1982. With the support and blessing of the L S Johnson Estate and Trust, a dedicated cricket oval has been created and named.

The Johnson family’s gift to our community is what helps guide our club's direction with all major decisions. We are immensely grateful for their gift to cricket.