Date Posted
9th Jun 2023

Winter updates and initiatives

During the off season, the committee has been working diligently and we would like to provide you with some updates and news. We are pleased to announce that Simon Herbst has been reappointed as our Club coach, continuing his role until the end of summer. Simon's extensive knowledge was well received last summer, and we are eager to build on those learnings during the off season and into the summer.

Our off season training groups have commenced, with five one-hour sessions scheduled on a fortnightly basis leading up to summer. It's fantastic to witness the enthusiasm of our club members who are eager to learn and enhance their skills in this wonderful game.

For those unable to commit to the training groups, we are considering organizing additional 'day camps' as an alternative leading into the summer, possibly during the term 3/4 break. We will keep you updated, but if you are interested, please send an email so we can have your contact details and can keeo you in the loop.

In other news, during a park users meeting last Monday, TCC shared their timelines for the construction of our Pavilion on AJO. We are excited to reveal some images of the Pavilion and its floor plan. Although there are still some discussions to be held regarding the materials to be used, this is the expected appearance.

TCC plans to submit the consent in July and release a build tender, aiming to commence construction early next year. The Pavilion is projected to be completed by the beginning of the 2024/25 summer season. This space will provide Pāpāmoa Cricket Club with a true home, a place where we can foster our club's culture and promote the game in alignment with the vision of the Johnson family's generous contribution to Pāpāmoa.

Following the construction of the Pavilion, a sealed car park will be developed with approximately 40 to 50 spaces along the Pāpāmoa College boundary, extending to our nets. No more trudging through the swamp! This development will also increase the green space where the current park gate is located, with plans to plant trees and create a pleasant shaded picnic area.

Adjacent to AJO, there are plans to elevate Gordon Spratt Reserve to match the height of AJO during this summer. The drainage areas will be eliminated, converting the current three rugby/football fields into four, thereby providing enough space to introduce an additional grass cricket block in the center to be installed over the winter months of 2024. The new grass block will be oriented north/south, ensuring excellent viewing down the wicket from the tsunami bund.

The committee is also working on a few other projects which we will reveal in the upcoming weeks. It's truly exciting to witness the rapid progress we have made as a cricket club. We are confident that the Johnson family would be proud of our achievements in such a short period, benefiting not only the Pāpāmoa community but also the broader cricket community.

Please keep an eye out for the AGM date, as there will be some vacancies. If you are interested in contributing to the club's direction and would like to lend a hand, we would love to hear from you.
Yours sincerely,The committee